Summer Update #2

Good evening,

As you all know, things are constantly changing this year.  We are in a holding pattern while we await further directions from CCPS and Gulf Coast High School.  All band activities have been postponed for the time being.  At this time, school is scheduled to begin Monday August 31st.  We have postponed our Uniform Fitting day until closer to the start of school.  Our next scheduled parent meeting will be Tuesday August 25th at 7pm via WebEx.  At that time we should have answers to the questions about the coming year.  Thank you all for being part of the Gulf Coast Band family.

Go Sharks,

GCHS Band Aid Club

Band parent meeting tonight

We are postponing the band parent meeting tonight as we await further information. New meeting date will be announced Friday.

Thank you

Charms signups

If you are experiencing difficulties setting up a new account in Charms for your child email Melissa Wilson with your student’s first and last name and student Id # and we will help you complete that. Thank you!!