Below is a list of the fundraising activities for the school year! In order to reach our goals for music and auxiliary instruction, equipment, uniforms, travel, trips, fees, etc. Parents, we all need to pitch in so that our students can continue to do an outstanding job.

If you have any questions about Fundraising opportunities, please contact Mike Marino., President, Band Aid Club.

You’ve seen all the banners that are on the fence around the football field (they take them down over the summer – they will go up again in August) and you’ve always wondered who sells those – WELL – WE can sell them!  Here’s the deal – the Banners start at $500 – they are up all school year.

The Band gets $400 – this is a student share Fundraiser for us, so that means the student who sold the banner gets $100 – that’s $100 – in their account!  What a great way to help offset your band fees, the Disney/Universal Studios trip and even Large Band Trips!