Student Leadership

2020-2021 Student Band Leadership

Drum Majors– Matthew Johnson, Carter Sickels, and Clara Alberty
Windwind Captain– Olivia Honnila
Flute Section Leader– Shekaina Jimeniz
Asst. Flute Section Leader– Julie Kramer
Clarinet Section Leader– Allison Stavely
Asst. Clarinet Section Leader– Kylie Sickels
Saxophone Section Leader– Issac Dorio
Asst. Saxophone Section Leader– Keyla Padilla
Brass Captain– Micah Evans
Trumpet Section Leader– Ander Carcamo-Arpaia
Asst. Trumpet Section Leader– Jolie Visgatis
Horn Section Leader– Marina Ploeg
Asst. Horn Section Leader– Hayden Singer
Trombone Section Leader– Aaron Slaven
Asst. Trombone Section Leader– Nathan Kim
Baritone Section Leader– Jade Chegwidden
Tuba Section Leader– Ethan Anderson
Drum Captain– Aiden Cahill
Snare Drum Section Leader– Nick McClure
Tenor Section Leader– Aiden Cahill
Bass Drum Section Leader– Valentina Bolanos
Cymbal Section Leader– Kaya Scarboro
Flag Captain– Kate Kramer
Flag Section Leader– Jacquie Barraco, Kate Bianchini, Ellie Valerio
Dance Captain– Olivia Villaverde
Dance Section Leader– Jillian Cosetta, Emme Hart, Lucy Hazelett

Social Media Committee – Monitors social media and creates student-centered content, updates bulletin boards, creates band awards presentation, assists with taking of attendance, creates an article for school quarterly newsletter, works with yearbook to represent the band, and other duties as deemed necessary.

  • Jackson Liveringhouse – Team Leader
  • Devin Baer
  • Nicolas Carcamo-Arpaia
  • Emily Corniola
  • Claudia Loomis
  • Logan Moore
  • Alexis Timothee

Equipment Managers – Set-up and tear down of any necessary equipment for rehearsals, assists with check-out and check-in of instruments, assists band dads in loading of trailer as necessary, maintains clean rehearsal areas, assists with instrument repair process, and other duties as deemed necessary.

  • Kevin Costantino – Team Leader
  • Dylan Abel
  • Austin Hunter
  • Nicholas Gaudio
  • Max Smuda

Social Committee – Plans and implements social events for the band, assists with making new members feel included and welcome, promote positive participation in all band activities, coordinates traditional events (band olympics, senior wills, etc.), and other duties as deemed necessary.

  • Gianna Cifarelli – Team Leader
  • Amanda Jackson
  • Olivia Guzman
  • Sydney Howell
  • Lauren Lloyd
  • Justin Wang
  • Noah Thorne

Librarians – Assists directors with organizing the music library, copies music and drill cards, and other duties as deemed necessary.

  • Jada Dougherty – Team Leader
  • Connor Casey
  • Sydney Shaw