Band parent meeting tonight

We are postponing the band parent meeting tonight as we await further information. New meeting date will be announced Friday.

Thank you

Charms signups

If you are experiencing difficulties setting up a new account in Charms for your child email Melissa Wilson with your student’s first and last name and student Id # and we will help you complete that. Thank you!!

Summer Update #1


Hopefully you received an email from the Collier County Public School district Wednesday outlining the opening of schools for 2020-­‐2021. Thursday morning CCPS released updated guidelines for all marching bands moving forward as they prepare for the upcoming football season. First understand that it is my intention to have a marching band this year. In my meetings with administration and district representatives they are all supportive of this goal. The classes offered in year’s past are still being offered. I hope the information contained in this letter will provide some guidance to you and your family as you make a decision regarding where and how you will be attending school for the 2020-­‐2021 school year.

In the meantime, please complete the student survey sent out by the district indicating your personal choice of instruction for the upcoming school year. The more people who do this quickly, the better we can plan for the upcoming school year.

We will have another parent information meeting on July 28th at 7:00pm. This will again be hosted through WebEx with the log-­‐in information being mailed out.

CCPS has been working with local health officials, individual school administrations and all CCPS high school band directors to determine what options are available for the marching band season. For the health and safety of all staff and students:
All CCPS full marching band rehearsals, camps, meetings and auditions are currently postponed until August 19th, 2020

Marching band

  • The Florida Bandmaster’s Association has cancelled all Music Performance Assessments for marching band. The District 18 Marching MPA scheduled for October 24th has been canceled.
  • CCPS has cancelled the 2020 Collier County Band Show
  • All CCPS marching band camps and rehearsals have been postponed until August 19th.
  • Marching rehearsals will continue as soon as possible after August 19th. Please refer to our website at for an updated schedule to be posted soon. Please refer to the website for the most up-­‐to-­‐date calendar.  Often when you link the Charms calendar into your phone, the data does not accurately reflect changes when they are made.
  • We will continue to support the GCHS football team with guidance by CCPS and FHSAA as far as band participation at games, social distancing and fans in attendance at football games. Once a decision is made by FHSAA, we will announce our game performance dates.
  • There is a possibility that we will only perform at home football games (we have 7 scheduled).

Auditions and Scheduling

Auditions for drum line and jazz bands will be completed once we are back in class.

We have placed both jazz bands into 5th period this year so schedule changes will not be necessary. Students interested in being in jazz band should verify this selection directly with your counselors – via email is encouraged. All percussionists should verify with their counselors that they are in Period 1 – Band 1.  We will be meeting one-­‐on-­‐one with freshmen interested in being in our Wind Ensemble during the week of August 10th. This may be done virtually. Please email Mr. Goff expressing your interest.

Flag and dance auditions are nearly complete. If you missed either of those dates and would still look to participate, contact Alison Delaney at to request information.

The class schedule will be slightly different this year to lower our class numbers (specifically 3rd period). The schedule will be as follows:

  1. Percussion
  2. Symphonic Band
  3. Symphonic Winds
  4. Wind Ensemble
  5. Jazz Bands 1 and 2
  6. Freshmen Band
  7. Flag and Dance

Band Fees and Uniform Fitting

Because of the reduction in the amount of events we are participating in as well as the amount of outside help we will be permitted to bring in, the boosters and I have worked very hard to lower band fees for the 2020-­‐2021 school year.  For the 2020-­‐2021 school year only, band fees for all students: winds, percussion, flag, and dance will be $150.

Students will still be responsible to purchase other required materials including: concert apparel, tuners with contact microphones, portable music stands, gloves (for cymbal players), as well as instrument rental fees for those students who need it. Additionally, we are not using our marching uniforms this year.

For our marching show all wind and percussion will wear button-­‐down Hawaiian-­‐style shirts, khaki shorts, and athletic tennis shoes.  Students will need to purchase this on their own.   Please   be creative – we are looking for an explosion of color on the field. Feel free to get a little more

creative with sunscreen, long socks, and a lei – you know those Hawaiian flower necklaces -­‐ to complete your ensemble. Remember, your attire will still need to be approved by Mr. Goff.

The band fee will return to approximately $325 for the 2021-­‐2022 school year.

Please plan on paying for your band fees at our modified uniform fitting on Saturday, August 15th.  More details will follow regarding this event, but we are planning on making it a drive-­‐thru style event.  At this event students will be able to purchase additional GCH apparel, pick-­‐up instruments, make payments, verify all of your Athletic Clearance paperwork is complete,  and more.

eCollier Academy Flexible Option

Students who choose the eCollier Academy Flexible option will also be able to participate in band at their home school. You will need to come to GCHS during your assigned band period and will be expected to be in attendance every day and follow all school rules and guidelines and attend all after school rehearsals and performances. Please contact Mr. Goff with any questions.

Required Paperwork

Please continue to submit all required paperwork. All paperwork must be completed by the first day of school on August 19th. If you have any concerns regarding this process please contact our activities secretary, Mrs. Drewniak, at The following documents are required to participate in marching band:

  • Proof of Medical Insurance
    • EL2 – Pre-­‐Participation Physical Form
    • EL3 – Consent and Release from Liability Certificate
    • Assumption of Risk and Liability to Coronavirus/COVID-­‐19 Form
    • Field Trip Permission Slip
    • Media Release Form

We will continue to use Home Campus to collect all of this paperwork. Instructions on how to complete this step is below:

  • Go to
    • Choose FL then watch the tutorial video BEFORE creating your account.
    • Click on the “register” link. Fill in your first and last name, email address and choose a password. Click Submit. You only need one account per family and siblings are registered from the same account. Your information will be saved from year to year.
    • Log in to your account by using the code that pops up.
    • Click on the “Start Clearance Here” button to start a clearance.
    • Select the Year: 2020-­‐2021, School: Gulf Coast, Sport: Select Band from the drop down menu -­‐ Click Submit. You may add other sports at the end of the registration process.
    • Fill in all required information on this page and click Save.
  • Uploads for Physical Form, Proof of Insurance, and original Birth Certificate (not required for Band): You will need to scan each of these documents and save to your computer. You are only permitted to upload one file per document into the program so multiple page documents should be submitted as one file (i.e. the physical). The birth certificate is not required for band.
    • Two uploads are labeled for you. When uploading forms use the “choose file section” and NOT the “choose from documents library” section.
    • You must have digitally signed all the forms and have submitted your physical and Proof of Insurance on file to be cleared. Physicals are valid for 365 days.
    • Once all information has been inputted on a screen, click Save.
    • Fill out the Medical History (Step# 2) – Add additional details in the box provided for “yes” answers then click Save.
    • Fill out the Parent/Guardian Info (Step# 3) – As personal situations differ; you may choose “N/A” for one of the parents if you live in a single parent household. You will also need to add an additional emergency contact.
    • Step# 4: Signature Forms. This step is broken up into two sections (parent and student). The parent/guardian is to read the forms on the right side of the screen and electronically sign them by typing their name on the left side of the screen. The student should do the same for the forms listed under the “student” section.
    • After you have completed this step, a confirmation letter will generate. Please have a copy of this available at our modified uniform fitting on August 15th.

Please understand that all of this information is accurate as of today and does contradict some information given out last Friday. As we are given more guidance from administration and the District, we are responding as quickly as we can. We are in the process of releasing a new band web page where we will post all current information, as well as through our social media outlets. Also, please remember that everything is subject to change based on CDC, State of Florida, Collier County and CCPS guidance. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

If you have any questions, please let me know. In health,

Mr. Goff